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Playacar Mexico is and will be the most exclusive gated community in Playa del Carmen.  It is divided in Playacar Phase 1 and Phase 2. They have independent access and different characteristics.  Playacar phase 1 is probably the most desired location for buying real estate in Playa del Carmen, it has the only beachfront homes in Playa and 3 more lines of luxury homes surrounded by big green areas with small archeological Mayan sites and lots of trees. It also has the nicest beach in town.  If you are looking for luxury houses for sale in Playa del Carmen, on the beach, this is the place to be. 

Playacar Phase 2 is behind phase 1 and is surrounding Playacar´s golf course, one of the most challenging courses in the Mayan Riviera. Playacar phase 2 is a quiet and well planned golf community where you can find all kinds of real estate deals. It has shopping centers, yoga studio, cross fit, day care, some restaurants, cafes, and the most important thing, it is connected walking distance to the marvelous beach in phase 1 and Down Town Playa del Carmen.  Looking for houses for sale in Playacar? You are in the right place!

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Playa del Carmen Condo Wayak
Playacar Phase 2 $130,000 968 sq. ft."90 sq meters/ 968" Single Story Residential
12 photos
Bamoa Condos (New Construction)
Playacar Phase 2 $198,198 828 sq. ft."77-98 m2/ 828 -1054 ft2" Single Story Residential
14 photos
Real estate Playa del Carmen : Condo Rosa Blanca
Playacar Phase 2 $229,000 1,200 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
17 photos
Condos in Playa del Carmen for sale: Akoya Garden Apartment
Playacar Phase 2 $235,000 1,555 sq. ft."144.5 sq meters" Single Story Residential
17 photos
This Villa Mayamar is an incredible offering in Playa del Carmen real estate
Playacar Phase 2 $275,000 1,776 sq. ft."164 sq meters" 2 Story Residential
12 photos
AWA condos in Playacar(New Construction)
Playacar Phase 2 $276,881 848 sq. ft."78 – 305 m2/ 848 – 3285 ft2 " Single Story Residential
12 photos
Casa Rincón: House for sale in Playacar
Playacar Phase 2 $339,000 2,263 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential
12 photos
Playa del Carmen Real Estate: Rincon del Mar
Playacar Phase 2 $349,000 2,249 sq. ft."209 – 320 sq meters/ 2249 – 3444 sq feet" 2 Story Residential
15 photos
Luxury condos in Playacar Phase 2: Mara(New Construction)
Playacar Phase 2 $698,000 3,100 sq. ft."288 - 418 sq meters/ 3100 - 4499 sq feet" Single Story Condominium
16 photos
Real Estate Playa del Carmen Mexico: Kite House
Playacar Phase 1 $2,490,000 4,400 sq. ft. 2 Story Residential
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